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SARIGÜN Logistics was established in Kocaeli Gebze in 2013 to provide ship loading and unloading operations, load fixing (lashing), CFS works and storage domestic and international land transportation services.

Since the day it was founded, it has been able to provide all kinds of services that import and exporters may need with its expert staff in many services. Our company, which makes its investments correctly and on time, continues to expand its fleet day by day.

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SARIGÜN Logistics

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SARIGÜN Logistics

By following the developing technology closely, we produce the best solutions for you...

Port Evacuation Services

Land-to-ship, ship-to-land loading and unloading services

CFS Works

It is the unit where the container and the goods in the container brought to the CFS site are aimed to be separated in the fastest way and the goods whose customs procedures have been completed are delivered to the customer.


It is an application that aims to protect a cargo loaded on a ship or container until it reaches its final destination by connecting it using various materials and equipment.


It ensures safe protection and easy tracking of products.

Our Addresses

  • H.Halil Mah. 1210 Sok. No:21 D:6 Gebze / KOCAELİ
  • Email: info@sarigun.com
  • Phone : +90 262 745 19 75
  • GOSB 1. Kısım
  • Muallimköy 2. Kısım
  • Phone : 05354667495